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Here's a quick sample of Jackie's heart for those who most often enjoy her speaking.

As a local church pastor of more than 40 years in ministry -- let me share a word about Jackie Hayden

Often you may have been, and you should be, concerned about who addresses your congregation or a smaller group within your church.

As a church leader -- you can be confident Jackie Hayden has walked the talk she so capably shares

   you want someone who understands the immediate or continual need you know your listeners need to hear

   you wouldn't let someone come into your midst that chooses the wrong tone or uses the wrong words to convey God's encouragement and God's love

   you don't want the concerns you express to a speaker to be shared with the group the speaker addresses

   you don't want to have to explain things to someone who doesn't seek a clear understanding of the message you feel the speaker should convey

As a local pastor -- you can be confident Jackie Hayden is familiar with the concerns and burdens of pastoral leadership having walked the path with her husband

   you don't want to be associated in the thoughts of your people with anyone who treats carelessly the Word of God

   you want a true sense of respect for the ministry God has called you to and the people among whom you serve

   you don't need someone creating new obstacles in the minds of your people, but rather who fortifies the assurances of God's Word in every way


"I have witnessed remarkable praise and evidence of humility and encouragement from Jackie Hayden in a variety of settings and a diversity of crowds -- I assure you there will be no need to hesitate as you pray and God leads you to invite the ministry of Jackie Hayden to bless you and your people to God's glory and praise."

Lynn Eckeberger, Baptist pastor and Intentional Interim pastor in Texas